Gigs Amy can’t WAIT for

I remember the first gig I ever went to. I was 13 years old, I was wearing the bright pink baggy skater girl trousers I always wore at that age and it was a Whitmore gig. Their album was called Smoke the Roach, and their signature song, Alison. I think I tried and failed to buy a beer.

Despite being in a small room in Redruth, Cornwall, it remains one of the single best gigs of my life. First, you know?

I spent a lot of my youth travelling up and down to parts of the country that attracted major names but weirdly, for the first few years I was in London, I didn’t take that much advantage of the availability of some of my favourite artists. I’ve vowed not to be such a neglectful idiot and as soon as I started seeing bands again, I got back into it. There was one particularly delightful point earlier in the summer where I saw two of my three favourite bands in 24 hours (Pearl Jam and The National. Seeing as Oasis are no longer together, completing the hat trick with them would have been quite a feat). Honest to God, it was the best 24 hours of my LIFE.

Anyway, in chronological order, these are the gigs that I am losing myself with excitement for:

The National & Wild Beasts, 26th November, The O2


As you’ll come to know when I begin posting about their melancholic beauty day in, day out, I am freaking obsessed with The National. On my old journey into work I figured out I could listen to three albums exactly from door to door on the return journey, so naturally I embraced this opportunity on the daily.

This will be the third time I’ve seen them in 2014, and oh holy SHIT am I excited. I have even framed the flyer and it sits pride of place in my hallway at home. As soon as it was announced, I forwarded the (digital) flyer to my best friend and her brother, who are just as freakishly into The National as I am (see below, in which we are boozed with excitement for their Hyde Park gig earlier this summer), not noticing that one of our other favourite bands will be supporting. YES YES YES Wild Beasts!

Songs I can’t wait for: For The National, it’s Pink Rabbits. That’s my favourite. And for Wild Beasts, I would go for Mecca.

Gaz Coombes, 15th December, KoKo


Much of my early music taste was inspired (ok, dictated to me) by my brother; who, at the age of 11, decided he would stamp out the Spice Girls fan in me and replace it with an Oasis lover. He succeeded to the point that I was totally confused when I finally rocked up to an Oasis gig at 20 years old, only to see myself surrounded by old men. When we were at a Libertines gig the other week (which, incidently, was ghsdsgdhjagdhjgdasj SO good), we decided to scour my Songkick for our next brother-sister-bonding-gig. Lo and behold, a familiar name cropped up.

For those of you who don’t know, Gaz Coombes is him what was in Supergrass. You know, sexy sideburns, a strange likeness to Jack Nicholson in The Shining and a song-writing style that perfectly bridged pop and rock without being that ever-cringeworthy non-genre, ‘pop rock’?

Anyway, although I never got to see Supergrass in their trio form, I am intrigued to see what the delightful Gaz has to offer. If his cover of This Time Tomorrow is anything to go by, it’ll be a lush one indeed.

Songs I can’t wait for: I’m assuming he’ll play a few Supergrass tunes, so I’m looking forward to Caught by the Fuzz, Sofa of my Lethargy and Richard III.

Delta Spirit, 8th November, The Sunflower Lounge


I can’t even remember how LuLu and I came across this band, but I’m surprised they’re not more popular in the UK. I’m not really sure how well-known they are at all (they could be way bigger than I’m assuming), but they’re a little bit on the soft surfer rock side. That tickles my fancy, as a Cornish maid, but I’m not sure it’s edgy enough for a lot of people. They’re swell though.

Song I can’t wait for: People C’Mon.

The Black Keys, 3rd March (my birthday!), The O2


I first saw The Black Keys with my dear friend Anni Bould in Alexandra Palace one particularly cold November evening. Venue aside (Ally Pally acoustics are notoriously hit-or-miss, depending on where you stand in the hall), The Black Keys were fantastic and as Anni’s lame-ass boyfriend is such a band Nazi (sorry Nick, but you know it’s true my lovely), I will be replacing him as her gig date from hereon.

Song I can’t wait for: Little Black Submarine.

Less Than Jake, 10th March, Koko

Now here is one REAL pillar of nostalgia. Less Than Jake were ever-present as I navigated the murky waters of teen music appreciation; but they dropped off in recent years. A few weeks ago I went on holiday with my best friend and she created the playlist for the many hours we drove around Florida in a Mustang (no shit, it was awesome). The theme was: us. It was basically a shed load of The National, a sprinkling of Wild Beasts and some particularly wonderful tunes from the LTJ back catalogue. I cannot WAIT to see them again, and I cannot WAIT to see them in Koko.

Songs I can’t wait for: The entire of their awesome album, Anthem. And maybe rewind to a little 9th And Pine or Al’s War.

Eeeee! So excited.


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