Get your dinner from Pedler in Peckham

I’m always banging on about how Peckham is my favourite part of London, but Peckham is my favourite part of London. This admission is often met with a solitary, skeptical eyebrow from taxi drivers and old-school Londoners, but for me, the arts and the eats trump the fishy smell and (now almost non-existent!) likelihood of being stabbed.

And oh, the eats. With one finger uncharacteristically on the pulse, I made my merry way up the Rye to Pedler, a new restaurant on the outskirts of Peckham.

Let me take this opportunity to say that I was on a first date, so couldn’t blow my laissez faire cover by whipping out my iPhone to document every dish. So for visual aids, I have turned to Pedler’s photography itself; namely their website, Twitter and Instagram. Follow ’em.


See that? They love seasonal ingredients and daily changing menus. They’re passionate about brunch, lunch, dinner, artisan wines and gin-based cocktails.

Guys, we have SO much in common. I, too, am pretty damn passionate about gin from independent distilleries.

And a good thing too; they’re the restaurant counterpart of Peckham’s ginny gem, Little Bird Gin. You’ll find it in bars across the area (it’s not long since I had yet another tasty ‘Perfect G & T,’ a Little Bird staple cocktail, at the Peckham Pelican) and I can whole-heartedly recommend it. With botanical ingredients aplenty, including grapefruit, orange and ginger, it’s got a smooth, citrus-y taste. Gin-wise, it’s second only to my long-term love, Tarquins Gin.


I liked this guy too; overseeing his guests for the evening. His name’s Garry.

Anywho; to kick off, I ordered myself a £7 Peck’em Martini, made up of Little Bird Gin, Aperol, cinzano and fresh grapefruit. A handsome little drink; and as soon as I win the Lotto Millions, it’ll be an institution in my diet.

Food-wise, we ordered the (Peck)ham and stilton croquettes (OH MY GOD, GIVE ME MORE, MORE NOW); scallop ceviche with orange and cucumber, chips with beef dripping and a proper tasty squid and seaweed plate. For our dish the seaweed had been replaced with blackened cabbage, which had been pan-fried in liquidated scallop roe. Ways better.

As a seasoned scallop eater (they’re my favourite food and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on a menu and not ordered them), it’s always nice to see a chef go beyond the typical ménage of scallop, bacon and pea puree. Plus they were ceviche-d:


I also discovered, through the extremely extroverted hostess (at one point she actually sat down at our table with us. Another time she threw her arms in the air, causing my date to think she was going in for a cuddle. He almost obliged before correctly reading the situation. Lols ensued), that the ham is made from scratch by their cheffing team. I’m into this.

With brunches and Sunday lunches beckoning, I’ll be going back very soon. Like, this weekend kinda soon.


Psst, if you want to see another blog post that actually has some decent pictures, check out Double Skinny Macchiato.

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