Comedy collective Shoot From The Hip made me cry :'(

Comedy’s not really my scene. God, that makes me sound achingly dull doesn’t it? Let me explain. I mean I’m not that into stand up. When I watch it, I laugh ‘til I cry; but still, I don’t seek it out.


Last night, I headed into Central London (seriously, I NEVER head into Central) to see improv act Shoot From The Hip at the Top Secret Comedy Club.


Performance events are never easy, but I think comedians in bars have it worse. Forgetting the natural subjectivity of humour, the Top Secret Comedy Club has been going for so long ‘n’ strong that everyone there had pretty high expectations. Add a couple of beers and you’ve upped the potential for nasty, nasty hecklers.

I’d never seen improv like this before. I once went on an improvised tour of Cornish summer festival Holifair with my good friend Dan’s theatre company Owdyado Theatre (they’re lush, and I’m not even being biased), but that’s about it for my exposure to improv.

These are the funnymen I saw last night (usually there are a few more):

I’m not going to bother retelling the jokes because: a) unoriginal and b) impossible. But if you go down to this FR££ eve of lols, expect introvert-friendly audience participation (meaning you can shout out suggestions for the scene if you want. Except don’t shout “DO IT IN MY BASEMENT” like one guy did all night. And if you’re me, your genius ideas will never be heard because of your mousey little voice and sore little throat. Woe betide me etc). They were playing games with us and, as I’m not a thesp and I was four glasses of red wine down, I can’t remember the names.

I just wrote a whole paragraph about it and deleted it because I’m just not doing it justice, but know this: I was crying – CRYING – with laughter almost from the offset!

Bring some cash, ‘cause they accept and deserve donations. Even if you get a slightly dirty look after you run back in for a pee and don’t donate a second time. But you know, I’m FINE, I don’t even NEED funny men to look at me like I’m not a wanker *snap snap snap* *hair flick*.

Check out the boys’ work here:

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