Getting drunk at home = booking Funeral for a Friend gig tickets



I know it’s kinda douchey to take pictures at gigs but I did it

There are many reasons why I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it has been over a decade since I first saw Funeral for a Friend. It’s no longer my usual music taste (melancholic, miserable, skilfully on-point), but who doesn’t like to dip into some musical nostalgia every now and again? I think I might make this my new ‘thing’: going to gigs of bands I swooned over at age 13.

Actually, scrap that: I listened to quite a lot of shit back then.

Whatever; a few Fridays ago I was sat on my sofa getting pissed on red wine with some pals and FFAF came on my Spotify. We drunkenly decided that we’d go to their next gig which, joy of joys, just so happened to be 13 days away in Camden!

So after staying late to finish a few things at work and popping into a café for a cup of Yumchaa jasmine tea and a cheese scone (honestly, could I be more out of place at a post-metalcore gig in Camden? 2003 Amy would be cringing in embarrassment at what she is to become), we trotted on in to Electric Ballroom.

Incidentally, I saw a poster for the last gig I went to there… it was Ocean Colour Scene and it was TWO YEARS AGO, NOT ONE. Why oh why oh why is everything going so quickly? I blame Timehop for making me aware of my swift aging.

I wasn’t into the one warm up act we managed to catch; but then again, I was there out of nostalgia as opposed to a real affinity to the newercomers to the genre. Plus there was a lot of very American talk about all the vocalist’s Feels, which makes my stiff upper lip extremely uncomfortable.

Now in their 30s and married and generally adult and all of that scary stuff, FFAF managed to grow up with their fans. Emo songs like This Year’s Most Open Heartbreak (which they didn’t play, sadface) have been replaced with social commentary songs like 1% (which they did, happyface). But they knew there were a lot of people like me who wanted to hear the old classics, so, although there wasn’t a single song off their EP Seven Ways to Scream Your Name, their first and second albums featured heavily. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t even remember Hours, their second album, that well, but apparently I still know every word to Streetcar and History.

Their seventh studio album, Chapter and Verse, was released on Monday – I should have bought it at the gig but the crowds were freaking me out and I had to find respite from all that teen angst in the cold night air.

Setlist below.

  • Pencil Pusher
  • High Castles
  • The Distance
  • Streetcar
  • You’ve Got a Bad Case of the Religions
  • Bend Your Arms to Look Like Wings
  • Storytelling
  • 1%
  • Front Row Seats to the End of the World
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Maybe I Am?
  • Old Hymns
  • Stand by Me for the Millionth Time
  • Recovery
  • Juneau
  • The Jade Tree Years Were My Best
  • History
  • Roses for the Dead
  • //encore//: Escape Artists Never Die

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