Five (Cornish) reasons to be cheerful

So winter draws on. You’d think with the emergence of daffodils, spring is well on the way, but no. It’s cold, we’re still in scarves and my extremities remain deeply miffed.

It’s no weather to be outside, but being at home night after night is no fun either (and I hear the new series of Broadchurch is fairly abysmal).

So, if you’re eager to have an evening or two out in order to while away the evenings until they’re longer and brighter, here’s my list of things that are well worth catching across Cornwall over the next few weeks.


Rabbit Theatre – Dracula – Touring

Fresh from a rather fine one-man Great Expectations (which I caught at The Acorn last year), Dave Mynne is back with a solo performance of Dracula. Directed by Simon Harvey, expect to see Bram Stoker’s novel as you have never seen it before, in a one-man tour de force. Having loved his previous work, I can’t wait to catch this.

Tour dates:

Songs for Lovers and the Broken Hearted

Songs for Lovers and the Broken Hearted – Cultshare @ Beerwolf, Falmouth, Saturday 14th February, 8.00pm

I love Cultshare. It’s a website that anyone can join, where members share inspirational cultural things. But they’re not content with stopping there, not one bit. Instead of exclusively existing online, they run events in the “real world” that have been curated by the online community.

Their event on Valentine’s Day, Songs for Lovers and the Broken Hearted, sees songs that have been chosen online being mixed live by DJs in Beerwolf (with its marvellous, beer, books and buzz), as well as an accompanying exhibition. It’ll be a great night, and it’s not too late to submit your tracks!


John Shuttleworth – A Wee Ken to Remember – Princess Pavilion, Friday 27th February, doors 7.30pm.

Ever since 500 Bus Stops I have had a huge soft spot for Graham Fellows’ John Shuttleworth character. Daft, yet beguiling, and with some superb comedy songs, particularly those on The Yamaha Years. I’m actually going to miss this show due to work, but I’d love to go, and hope he heads back down this way soon. Sing along to Save the Whale for me.


The People’s String Foundation – Touring

With performances coming up over the next few weeks, if you’ve not yet seen the People’s String Foundation doing what they do best, then they’re well worth seeking out. Their sound is a joy on the ears, and it’s rare you see musicians enjoying themselves on stage as much as Ben Sutcliffe and Zaid Al-Rikabi. They’re one of Cornwall’s finest musical exports and not to be missed.


Stewart Lee – A Room With a Stew – Hall for Cornwall, Thursday 5th March, 7.30pm.

Yes, it’s an obvious choice, and yes, he is my favourite comedian, but I’m so glad that Stew is frequently bringing his shows to the Hall for Cornwall. He’s great to watch on stage: perfectly pitched, wickedly funny, with each moment delivered with forensic accuracy. At the time of writing, there are fourteen tickets left, so be quick! Lee is a true master of his craft, and he’s principled to boot. If you’ve not read his latest piece on ticket touts, and keeping art accessible, it’s well worth a look:

So there are my picks for the next few weeks. I know I’ve missed some corkers out, (particularly Cube Theatre’s After the Accident, Pipeline’s Streaming, and Bec Applebee’s The Ugly Sisters, all of which look superb) but I tried to limit myself to five.

Now, I suppose, it’s eight.

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