Fatter and poorer by the bite: the top 66 eateries in London

Photo cred: Hawksmoor
Photo cred: Hawksmoor

At the risk of sounding like a London-centric wanker (Ciaran, berate me as you please) it wasn’t all-too surprising to see that almost all of Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in the UK are in London. Before I leave (it’s always “I’ll move back home in three years,” or “I’ll move to Bristol in three years and Cornwall in five”), I plan on enjoying a commensal afternoon with a pal at every single one of them. Only 55 to go.

Photo cred: Yauatcha
Photo cred: Yauatcha

Personally, I would add Okan (Brixton), Pedler (Peckham), Begging Bowl (Peckham) and The Camberwell Arms (Camberwell… funnily enough) to this list; but luckily for the agrophobe inside me, the foodie crowds rarely cross the river to big, scary south London. Oh, The Fish Works (Piccadilly Circus) should also get a shout out. And Wild Honey (Mayfair; if not for the service, then certainly for the food).



Check out all our foodie posts here, and a special shout out to my girl Anni at That Girl’s Got... – she’s a walking phonebook of restaurants!

1. Dishoom
2. Regency Cafe
3. Dinner By Heston Blumenthal
4. Homeslice Pizza
5. Barrafina
6. Honest Burgers: EATEN. Delicious rosemary chips are a must-order.
7. Patty and Bun
8. The Wolseley: EATEN. Home to the best eggs Benedict in London. Check out my Twitter List of the best brunch spots in London here. 
9. Monmouth Coffee
10. Gordon Ramsay
11. Nightjar
12. Flat Iron: EATEN. All hail the impeccable side dishes.
13. Burger and Lobster
14. The Ledbury
15. L’Atelier De Joël Robuchon
16. Duck and Waffle: EATEN. Best done on a Sunday session. The foie gras creme brulee comes highly recommended from yours truly (even if my K-Pop blogging pal pointed out that this translates to ‘fat liver burnt cream’).
17. Hawksmoor: EATEN. Read my review here.
18. Nopi
19. Masters Super Fish
20. Patara
21. St John Bar and Restaurant
22. Franco Manca: EATEN. Make sure you arrive early, because the queues can be vicious and it’s a no-reserve policy (no-book restaurants can often be overcome by Uncover app). Anything on this menu is a safe bet for tastiness, though.
23. Timberyard
24. Great Queen Street
25. Roti Chai
26. The Harwood Arms
27. Bocca Di Lupo
28. Savoir Faire
29. Ottolenghi
30. Rules Restaurant
31. The Pig and Butcher
32. The Table
33. The Harp
34. Zuma Restaurant
35. Bar Boulud
36. Princi
37. José
38. Food For Thought
39. Golden Union Fish Bar
40. Noodle Bar
41. Kin: EATEN. I mean, it was pretty good, but I’m surprised it’s on this list. I’d definitely go back, I just didn’t think it would be a crowd pleaser.
42. Yauatcha: EATEN. Read my review here.
43. Tibits
44. Donostia
45. Pollen Street Social
46. Ozone Coffee
47. Sketch
48. Poppies
49. Caravan: EATEN. A £9 cup of coffee? Are you fucking kidding me?!
50. Blandfords Café
51. The Breakfast Club: EATEN. Possibly the most overrated place in London, and that’s saying something. American tripe.
52. Rasa
53. Petrus Restaurant
54. Yoobi
55. Baileys Fish and Chips
56. Tayyabs
57. Alounak
58. Pitt Cue Co
59. Tommis Burger Joint
60. Honey and Co
61. Cask Pub and Kitchen
62. Hakkasan Mayfair: Good God, yes. Anything by the Hakkasan Group (including Sake No Hana, review of their featured artist on my old blog here, and Yauatcha, review here) can most certainly stay.
63. Il Portico
64. Pizza Pilgrims
65. Kitchen Table
66. Woodlands

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