Kacho Falmouth: beautiful Japanese food in Cornwall

Dydh da from Kernow (hello from Cornwall)!

To commiserate the fact that I am now closer to being 30 than 20, I decided to hole up in the motherland for a long weekend, lick my wounds and generously apply anti-wrinkle cream. Woe betide me, I’m old.

When I went backpacking around Japan for my 21st, I remember being totally taken aback and just how youthful all the women looked. It wasn’t a stereotype; the average woman just has incredible skin! I put it down to the overall healthier diet they have. Miso soup for breakfast rather than sugary cereal; lots of oily fish; that kind of thing.

Fitting, then, that on my birthday trip back home, I visited somewhere I’ve been meaning to go since I heard it was opening: Kacho, the Japanese eatery on Falmouth’s High Street.


There’s a really ambient atmosphere in this little place. It used to be a Japanese antiques shop, so there are trinkets all over the place in a typically Japanese, uncluttered way. Large windows fill the room with natural light, so I chose to sit in front of them with a cup of green tea. It’s so nice to be home, looking through little cubby holes at the sea.

The lunch I had was gorgeous; tonkotsu tan tan ramen noodles. Perfectly spicy ramen noodles with minced pork and hot chillies, chopped garlic, ginger, leek, and black beans with a spring onion garnish – so damn tasty, and only £10. It always surprises me how noodle soups can be so filling, so unfortunately I didn’t have enough room for the black sesame and green matcha ice cream 😦 I’ve had green matcha ice cream before – in Nobu, in Budapest – and it was lush, so I’m a bit gutted about that.


I had a nice chat with the lady who runs the place, and she was saying that fresh sushi can be ordered a day in advance. They’ll take a trip out and catch the fish for you, which is so typically Cornish! They also do adhoc sake evenings, so I’ll be keeping an eye out on their Facebook pages for announcements like that.


Open from Tuesday – Saturday from 12-3, it’s the perfect spot for a quiet, chilled lunch. Terreba nessa (until next time) and sayonara!



5 thoughts on “Kacho Falmouth: beautiful Japanese food in Cornwall

    1. Nope! Looks beautiful though! Funny- I’d never place authentic Japanese food with Cornwall!

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