Getting to Edinburgh and choosing a place to stay

Hello from Edinburgh! Back in January I made some travel resolutions. I’ve booked almost all of my holiday already this year but one has rung true; I’m in Scotland! Before jetting off on a solitary mission to the Outer Hebrides – more on that later – my uni housemates and I are spending three days in this fine capital.

…Well, make that two days. Mid-holiday, I’m shooting down to Brum to oversee the nuptials of two old pals. I believe this to be the first of the First Wave of Weddings in one’s mid-twenties and I can’t bloody wait; the only wedding I’ve been to before (except one reception when I was 13) was my brother’s and it was, and remains, the happiest day of my life. You guys ❤ What’s not to love about a wedding? You have the best vibes, you’re served amazing food, it’s socially acceptable to drink champagne in the morning (God knows I’ll be shit-faced when I eventually stumble down the aisle if this remains my attitude) and embarrassing dancing with a tie decorating your forehead is positively encouraged. Plus I get to see my best friend for the first time in weeks (she cruelly left me for greener bluer pastures. I think that adjusted metaphor fell a little flat. Anyway, homegirl went to The Maldives and now she’s back, I am so excited to see her)

Anywho, I’ll be ditching the Edinburgh harem for a day, but that won’t stop me from updating you on the rest!


First of all, I have a couple of practical tips for a three-day stint in Edinburgh:

  • Don’t assume an airport restaurant will make good on its promise to serve you in 15 minutes


The first restaurant we tried, Cabin Bar, took forever; only to tell us they had, like, NO food that day. Off we trotted to Coast II Coast, where they took their sweet-ass time serving us wraps and Margs. I didn’t get to drink my Marg and had to parcel my food up in a napkin and eat it on the way to the Gate. And I paid £20 for the privilege. My judgmental eyebrow was out in full force.


  • Get the 8:30pm Ryanair flight from Stansted to Edinburgh

However, that’s the last of my negativity! The flight was fine – no frills, but when you’re in the air for an hour or so, it doesn’t really matter. It was only around £35 as well. Bring a sleeping mask if you’re planning on getting a kip, that garish yellow seeps through your tired lids like a torch in the hand of an accusatory Sherriff (this actually happened to me sometime in yesteryear; but it’s another story for another time). If you book yourself on the 8:30, you’ll have ample time to cross London after work, do a bag drop if needs be, briefly stroll around Departures and comfortably get on the flight. Plus you arrive late enough that the exit process at Edinburgh is basically:

  1. Alight the plane
  2. Bye


  • Bump hotels for apartments

This city-break-weekend is becoming something of a tradition for my uni housemates and myself and it’s official: hotels are no, Air BnB is yes. I’m writing this from a luxurious apartment on the Royal Mile of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The cuties who own the apartment, luxury servicers VieAmhor, made sure there was enough tea, coffee, milk, food essentials to tide us over for the first evening; left mini toiletries and all the help you’d expect from a hotel without the price tag. Plus we get to have our own space and personally, I like the fact that we can cook our own food if we need to be tighter on our wallets. Because you know, I’m that responsible with my cash (I’m really not).

my room

living room




Ok, I’d better get up and showered for day one. I’m on a strict brunch-munching, zoo-visiting schedule today!

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