The Big Lebowski: no

Do you ever get that weird feeling when everyone has been raving about something, or telling you that you’ll love this show/band/food but you try it and it’s just a bit… meh? Well, berate me as you will but I didn’t really like The Big Lebowski.


I just don’t think I ‘got’ it. I know there’s something there to ‘get’, because all of the components – the characters, the script, the sheers 90sness of its all – were ace. It just didn’t come together for me; it didn’t add up to the sum of its parts.

Whether I liked it or not is almost irrelevant; it was an outdoor cinema at Ally Pally and by default, that makes it – to borrow a phrase from 2005 – fuckin’ A. My date and I arrived as the sun was setting, so we went for a jaunt around the palace grounds. I attempted some night-time photography of the London skyline and failed hilariously.

Back in the cinema car pack, we cracked open the Thomas Tucker Coconut Toffee popcorn. Tommy Tucker had kindly sent us a hamper of popcorn for the occasion, including Chilli and Lime, Caramel Summer Fruits, and Sweet ‘n’ Salt. We thought we’d pay homage to the summeriness of the situation – sitting outside (albeit inside my regrettably hard-topped car) surrounded by soft tops – with the Coconut and it was really moreish, sweet and fresh; definitely one to pick up for your next trip to an outdoor cinema.


Maybe it was because my date had cruelly had her heartbroken the previous evening so we were chatting (read: plotting his untimely demise… I jest. Swear), but I found the storyline too jagged to fully hold my attention. I can see how it’s garnered cult status; it’s weird enough. But one thing’s for sure: it won’t be making an appearance of my increasingly retro-looking DVD shelves any time soon.

The Bussey Building in Peckham has a stellar Rooftop Film Club schedule for the summer (funnily enough I’m typing this from a seat on a British Airways flight, and it’s sponsored by these very chaps. ***round of applause to BA for the free gin***), so I maybe I’ll have a better experience there.

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