About us

Oh hey there. We’re Amy and Ciaran. We’re two old friends at opposite ends of the south of England.

Technically, we met through a mutual friend (Amy’s neighbour, Ciaran’s classmate) but in a situation that can certainly be described as ‘delightfully 2004’, that obviously meant meeting on MSN Messenger, where emojis were emoticons and everyone knew what was currently playing on your Windows Media Player (for 15 year old Ciaran, this was Radiohead; for 14 year old me, some God-awful screamo).

Fast forward 12 years and we’re pursuing creative living in our own ways. Ciaran is acting, writing and generally being a big dog on the Cornish thesp scene; and Amy is eating her way through London’s culinary offerings and trying to scrabble together whatever form of travel she can afford between working as a copywriter at Winsor & Newton.

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line at amy@artsendofnowhere.co.uk or ciaran@neartatheatre.co.uk.

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