The Bucket List

I first wrote my bucket list when I was 24. It’s one of those awkward ages where you’re still trying to kid yourself tequila shots are a GREAT idea on a Thursday night while also trying to figure out a Five Year Plan (and yes, I’ve always planned out my life like Stalin, don’t hate).

I was hungover on my sofa and I remember writing my first two life goals: to go to the Maldives, and to cook a Cornish pasty. I couldn’t think too much beyond those tasks in my compromised state, so I’ve been slowly adding to this scrap of paper over the last 12 months.

So partially out of fear of losing that scrap of paper, and partially because publicising it will give me a much-needed kick up the arse, here goes:

  • Go to the Maldives
  • Make a Cornish pasty
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go husky sledding
  • Go to Canada
  • Go whale-watching
  • Go jet-packing
  • Go scuba diving
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Own a dog, aw
  • Do a wine-tasting afternoon at Camel Valley
  • Actually learn a little something about wine-tasting
  • Go on a Scandinavian road trip
  • Swim with dolphins (sometimes I’m a bit basic, just allow it)
  • Be an extra in a film
  • Work with an architect to design and build my own house
  • See the cherry blossoms in Japan in either April or November
  • Fly first class long haul
  • Go to the Outer Hebrides Done! See my photodiary here
  • Experience the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Go back to Seoul and don’t be miserable about the first, failed attempt

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