Shakespeare’s Globe: tips for the £5 tickets

Spoiler alert: Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Belair refused to take a selfie with me. No hearteyes for you, Geoffrey

It’s funny how much we take our hometowns and cities for granted. When I was applying for universities at 17, I ended up settling on York because it was the furthest away from Cornwall (apparently I was sick of the laid back lifestyle and sumptuous scenery. Beauty and happiness weren’t quite enough to tempt me any closer, it would have appeared). I like to think I’m far more appreciative nowadays but having lived in London for four years, there are still so many things that I really ought to have done by now.

Locals and visitors alike will have heard of the infamous £5 tickets to Shakespeare’s Globe; and last night I finally got my act together (ha, my pun game is STRONG today) and went along to watch King John.

king john cast

My pretty pal and vintage vlogger Holly and I met on the Southbank on one of those glorious days that makes me understand why people love London in the summer (a peculiar concept for someone who hails from Cornwall). We weren’t the only ones who’d had this idea; people were milling about everywhere, with the more hardcore ones in DJs and gowns.

The Globe bar on a sunny Thursday evening in June is not for the faint-hearted I’m afraid. It’s rammed. Eurgh. But if you can handle it, dive in to grab a glass of wine and sit in the courtyard pre-performance.

To avoid the crowds, we waited until everyone had gone into the theatre before taking our place in the peasant’s circle. As we walked through, we saw some of the actors sitting down in what I now know to be the backstage area. They looked amazing in their full Shakespearean royal regalia with the sunsetting over the Thames behind them so I asked one VERY FAMILIAR LOOKING GUY if I could take a picture. Woe betide me; I was brutally rebuffed 😦 so off we trundled, chuckling about how much he looked like Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Belair.


geoffrey fresh prince of belair

**side note: I arrived at work this morning and told my bleary-eyed work pal that I WAS LITERALLY SNUBBED BY GEOFFREY and then I found out that she spoke to Prince Harry in Jak’s last night. But still, Fresh Prince > real prince. Love you, Will Smith (I still can’t call him Big Willy because I think I’d get caught in some kind of filters if I started typing about… that…)**

So, to make the most of your night, there are a few things to note for the £5 tickets at the Globe.

Don’t wear heels unless you’re the woman in front of us and spending the entire night macking on your really old boyfriend. Seriously though, you’re going to be standing up for hours so comfy shoes are a must.

Bring a shawl; it was a sunny day but we were still shivering in there. Brrrr

You won’t be able to take any pictures of the actors lest you want to be told off by the adorable women on the door. Their costumes are copyrighted, oops

Don’t bother eating before, because the portobello mushroom and halloumi burger available in the courtyard is divine.

The view is surprisingly good. I thought it would be severely compromised due to the low price of the tickets, but the actors play to the whole audience. Bravo guys.

King John masquerades as a comedy, but it’s kinda harrowing; such is Shakespeare. Luckily Alex Waldmann’s portrayal of The Bastard is brilliant, and will keep you laughing throughout.

Thanks to the Globe for inviting Holly and me to see King John. You can get tickets, £5 or seated, here


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