The 6 biggest songs right now, chosen by Eddie Vedder & myself

It’s been another musical month for my Chinese dwarf hamster and me. I was about to write about how I’m diversifying a bit; listening to some stuff that isn’t miserable indie, but I am definitely listening to David Ford as I type this… More specifically, the couldn’t-be-more-aptly-named Cheer Up You Miserable Fuck. Spoiler alert: DF is the only miserable indie in this list!

1. Every time – David Ford

One of the world’s greatest mysteries is how David Ford’s videos on YouTube consistently have less than 100,000 views (although there’s no high horse here; admittedly, he’s a new discovery through my boyfriend). Give this a couple of listens when you’re at your most apathetic; the current of his voice, his lyrics and his passion will pull you into some kind of action, promise. He’s touring at the moment and I’m absolutely gutted I can make a grand total of zero of his tour dates. Blerghhhhhh


2. Comforting Sounds – Mew

This is one of the songs I came across on Reddit. It’s legit the most beautiful, affecting song I know;  nine minutes of sheer take-me-to-Denmark-and-show-me-its-epic-natural-beauty-right-now-ness. Please listen the whole way through, and see how the song erupts at around 4 minutes.

3. Drive – Incubus

Ahoyhoy, blast from the past! I’ve made a couple of long journeys so I made myself a Spotify playlist to keep me company and obviously this had to be on there. Big nostalgia tune for a Cornish maid like myself (though to this day, it still annoys me that the singer never wears a shirt).

4. Sexy Boy – Air

90sness, emotionlessness and sexiness. This song will never get old.

5. Sad Eyes – Bruce Springsteen

The Boss always reminds me of backpacking around Japan; short hours on the Shinkansen spent with Racing in the Street, Sad Eyes and a few others on repeat. He’s just got the kind of accent I want to wrap myself up in ^_^

6. Cod Liver oil and orange juice – Hamish Imlach

Not long until my trip to Edinburgh and the Outer Hebrides! So obviously, I’m reintroducing some Scottish tunes to my playlists, and Hamish Imlach will always be a firm favourite. Most of the time I have bollocks-all idea what he’s saying; but I love the anti-production brain-dump. I’m imagining all Scottish men are Hamish Imlachs.


Should I be adding anything else in particular to this playlist? Let me know!

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